Thursday, November 17, 2011

Enjoy Instant Reconstructor

For those of you who still are not aware I worked at the wonderful Ultra Beauty Supply and Salon in Chula Vista (California) for 7 years. It was my home away from home and I consider some of those women to be the best I've ever known and truly part of my family. They educated me and allowed me to grow in the field.

After all those great years I built up a great clientele. We were in a great area with tons of repeat clients so people really got to know us. I have had our clients ask me when I'm off the clock, shopping, eating, even on a plane flying back from Minnesota for hair advice and I love giving it. I am passionate about it. I worked with many high end brands of hair product, styling tools, make up, skin care, and hair color to name a few.

 If you ever have questions I'd be happy to take a shot an answering them. For the meantime.. here are some of my favorite things or new things I gave a try..

Enjoy brand Instant Reconstructor

10oz- about $21
33oz about $42

This is my favorite Daily Conditioner. I have been a fan of Enjoy products for a long time now. I love the line because they use Keratin, human hair protein, to help reconstruct the hair and make keep it looking smooth.

What hair type is this for? Well my hair is fine, but it has a lot of damage because I used to be platinum blonde. While it is growing out, it still has some brittle ends.

If you have THICK HAIR- you may love it, but chances are it won't be heave enough for you. I might recommend Enjoy's Hair Mask which can be used daily. Note: If you have oily scalp then just avoid applying to the roots. (which is what most of us should be doing anyway.)

If you have MEDIUM TEXTURE HAIR- you should love it! Just avoid applying at the roots if you tend to be oily or want more volume.

If you have FINE/OILY hair- apply from the top of the neck and down, or just tap on the ends of hair if you have a shorter style.

If you have Extensions: follow the advice above but you should love it, it helps untangle better than most conditioners I've used. Just never apply to scalp and remember to brush and untangle your hair before every shower and NEVER scrub your hair with shampoo. Gently apply to scalp and if you need to, apply shampoo like you are petting your hair.

Hope you ENJOY and if you live around Chula Vista Encinitas area then check out Ultra, here's a 20% off coupon to print out.

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